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Continue to develop and improve to be and continue to be the best. This is the way to success for me. As an athlete and nowadays also as an entrepreneur, this always has worked for me. Going for the best is the only way for me to start something. Success is a logical consequence.


Seven years ago, the highest possible quality supplements brand Berry de Mey Nutrition was launched from scratch. The brand that has found its own way in the jungle of pills, capsules, powders and drinks of which one promises even better results than the other.


There is a large commercial market for this type of products that has grown explosively in recent decades. Worryingly, a lot of these products are pure deception.


Linking practical experience with the latest scientific insights is what we have been doing successfully for years now. There is no supplement on our shelf before we know for sure it works.


As an entrepreneur, I also want to be successful and I also look for “popular” products. The most popular product of our time is the PRE-WORKOUT BOOSTER. A product that I also wanted to have in my line ... provided that it also does what it claims to do.


Over the past two years, our scientist, PhD Cas Fuchs, has worked intensively with me to develop the so-called Berry de Mey Nutrition PRE-WORKOUT BOOSTER. There is no reputable research that concerns this supplement, which we didn’t see. Or rather we have studied all the studies of all ingredients used for this popular product. This in addition to practice research (like using products), where a group of people from our team and myself, have contributed.



I already saw the product, a beautiful shiny pot with the claim to guarantee the boost of your life to improve your training and results. Because after all, we always have the best.


Despite my wish, after two years of intensive research, one thing is very clear: most PRE-WORKOUT BOOSTERS are pure nonsense.


Some used ingredients are valuable. But there is also a lot of evidence why it is not a good idea to put them all together in 1 supplement. To make my point, I will stick to a few clear examples here.


  1. Because there are so many different ingredients in one dose, there is often too little represented per ingredient to have the desired effect of the substance.
  2. Beta Alanine is an ingredient that is often in the BOOSTERS. Unlike many other ingredients, Beta Alanine requires an exposure time of up to six weeks.
  3. Beta Alanine is a substance that requires 5 to 6 grams per day to get the desired effect. Moreover, it is much better to take it throughout the day for optimum effect.
  4. Beta Alanine has a side effect that makes your skin tingle. Unfairly this is often considered "the good" work of the BOOSTER.
  5. Caffeine (or relatives) is the decisive ingredient why people say it is a "good" PRE WORKOUT BOOSTER. After all, it gives an immense pep. The more the better? Not! Some BOOSTERS have more than 400 mg per dose.
  6. Caffeine is precisely the ingredient that you want to personally dose. And for example, want something more in the morning than in the evening when you want to go to bed later. Taking less of the BOOSTER has the immediate effect of getting all other ingredients less.
  7. By far the most scientific studies focus on individual substances. It is quite possible that there are contraindications when you put 8 different ingredients in one powder.
  8. There is no benefit taking creatine just before your training.
  9. Then there is the long list of used ingredients of which there is no proof that they do what they claim to do. Often not because they have not been examined, they just don’t do what they claim.

Our research has shown and confirmed that certain substances do work, provided they are taken correctly and in the correct dosage. Not just for the BOOST for training. Together or spread over the day, to support performance, health and recovery. The key points to make progress in any sport.


Of course we have done something with this and have an answer to all hysteria!


Develop and improve! I proudly present the new generation DEMEY88 by Berry de Mey Nutrition supplements. Made from the highest possible quality, substantiated and effective: DEMEY88 BOX by Berry de Mey Nutrition.


 In * DEMEY88 BOX # 1 you can find exactly the result of our two-year research. Some supplements with added ingredients for better effect. Others are, as you will not be surprised, pure simple ingredients with the explanation how you can use them for the best result. We also recommend taking some supplements for the training for the desired effect. For the BOOST there is, among others, a "plain and simple" caffeine supplement in the BOX that you can dose yourself according to your needs (never more than the recommended maximum dosage).


*Also look at BOX # 2 and # 3. Every BOX with one different “base” product to connect better to a specific goal. In addition, the various BOXES can be further expanded with other supplements, such as proteins. Benefit of different bundle deals: order extra products next to the box with high discounts.


DEMEY88 BOX deal is better, more and therefore cheaper!


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