Intelligent lock down for / by dummies.

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Intelligent lock down for or by dummies?


I will never use this platform (blog) for politics. Today, I will also not force my opinion, but rather give a representation of facts that focus on the decision of the Dutch government that announced yesterday some changes to the rules that have been created to fight the Corona virus.


The Dutch government calls the measures initially taken an “intelligent lock down”. In short, it means that the most vulnerable group of people is protected and the capacity in the IC department in the hospital remains sufficient.


We now know that the “vulnerable group” consists of elderly, sick and overweight people. Those are facts when you don't look at exceptions, but percentages of the whole.


The “intelligent lock down” aims to prevent the spread of Corona by minimizing interactions with people. This is achieved, among other things, by closing institutions such as schools, restaurants, cinemas, museums and gyms. In addition, it is not possible to perform contact professions such as hairdresser, physiotherapy, pedicure, personal trainer.


Yesterday, the government announced that because of the positive developments measures can be reduced starting May 11th. That's great of course!


Now the part I don't understand:


As of Monday, with safety extra safety measures, “contact professions” (hairdresser, physiotherapy, pedicure etc) will be allowed again. Yes, you read that correctly, the personal trainer is not listed. My question is: isn't this too quickly? Because it turns out, the vulnerable group can go to the hairdresser, the masseur, pedicure and so on from Monday on. And what amazes me most is that from 1 June, everyone, including the vulnerable group we have to protect, can go to the cinema, drink and eat on a terrace, go to restaurants, museums etc.


The brilliant idea of ​​the “intelligent lock down” is to build ”group immunity” with the non-vulnerable group of people. So the “stronger people” (I didn't make it up) who are less likely to end up in the IC protect the vulnerable group in this way. If you can follow it and see the logic, sit down for what I'm going to say now…


The gyms remain closed until September 1 !!! Even in large gym, it is forbidden until September 1 to be active with, for example, 6 people (3 trainers and 3 athletes). In other words, when the vulnerable group is allowed to have a full body massage, go to the cinema with a bag of popcorn and then eat together on a terrace and get drunk, being active for your health in an area where all safety measures can be taken is not allowed.


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