DEMEY88 by Berry de Mey Nutrition

Written by Berry 06/11/2018 0 Comment(s)


A new web-shop, new products and a new "look & feel". Berry de Mey Nutrition makes supplements of the highest possible quality for athletes who only want the very best.


Development of supplements for athletes is closely related to a lifestyle where food, rest and sport are central to achieving the best. Personally I have 40 years of experience and I know exactly how to deal with these pillars.


In 2011 I launched Berry de Mey Nutrition because I saw the need for a "no-nonsense" supplement brand that links practical experience with renowned scientific research (scientist PhD candidate Cas Fuchs DEMEY88 is our indispensable Team Member). Due to the success of this formula, I received more and more requests in recent years to coach people with training, nutrition and supplements. Something that I did to support the development of the supplements line. I wrote down my methods as manuals and over time they became one puzzle, one clear picture to use in a different way. Now it’s developed into a program that I call DEMEY88. Soon I will share my knowledge via the DEMEY88 Coaching platform. 


In 1988 I achieved my greatest successes as a professional athlete. The name DEMEY88 symbolizes all my knowledge in the field of training, nutrition and supplements. Inseparable pillars when you want success in any sport. That's why I want to connect my supplements line with the same name as my training methods. One is the result of the other. It is as logical as 1 +1 = 88 ☺


Written by: Berry