About Us

Welcome to Berry de Mey's web shop. If you were looking for effective and high-grade sports supplements and sports nutrition, you have found the right place. 

When Berry de Mey started training 40 years ago and set his aim at becoming the bodybuilding world champion, he had a simple but effective philosophy: set your goal, analyse what needs to be done to achieve that goal - and then just do it. 
Working from that principle De Mey learned how to get the most out of what he ate, which type of workout gained him the most muscles, how important a well balanced diet was and which nutritional supplements gave him just that little bit extra.

De Mey not only became the most succesful bodybuilder that ever came from the Netherlands, but also a master in the field of sports diets and supplements. His expertise is the foundation of DEMEY88 by Berry de Mey Nutrition. Our assortments consists only of products of which De Mey knows well that they work. High-grade protein preparations which taste perfectly for better muscle recovery after workout. Appetite suppressants that repress your sense of hunger to help you lose weight. Energy boosters to help you train more intensely and simply make you feel better. Because there is a lot of nonsense in “supplement world”, DEMEY88 research team developed the DEMEY88 BOX #1,#2 and #3. Pick your BOX! 

DEMEY88 by Berry de Mey Nutrition supplies people like himself with the means to achieve what they want. Berry de Mey Nutrition is meant for you.