Whey Protein Isolate 1 Kg

New Whey Protein Isolate 1 Kg


Ingredients: 100% Whey protein isolate (contains Milk and Soy Lecithin).

Ingrediënten: 100% Wei eiwit isolaat (bevat Melk en Soja Lecithine).

INSTRUCTIONS Mix 1 scoop of this powder with 200 mL of skim milk, soy milk, water or other beverage which will bring out the full flavor of this product well. Shaking in a shaker works great, but you achieve the best result with a blender. Drink as soon as possible after preparation, for example at breakfast or after a workout. At an intake of more than 2 - 3 protein shakes a day, mild and transient symptoms of the digestive system can occur. Do not exceed maximum intake limit.


Energy / Energie : 368 kcal/1563 kJ

Fat / Vetten : 0.3 g Of which saturated / Waarvan verzadigd : 0.1 g

Carbohydrates / Koolhydraten : 2.5 g Of which sugar / Waarvan suikers : 2.5 g

Fiber / Vezel : 0.0 g

Protein / Eiwit : 93.0 g

Salt / Zout : 0.50 g


Energy / Energie : 74 kcal/313 kJ

Fat / Vetten : 0.1 g Of which saturated / Waarvan verzadigd : 0.0 g

Carbohydrates /Koolhydraten : 0.5 g Of which sugar / Waarvan suikers : 0.5 g

Fiber / Vezel : 0.0 g

Protein / Eiwit : 18.6 g

Salt / Zout : 0.10 g


Alanine : 5.0 g

Methionine : 2.2 g

Arginine : 2.1 g

Phenylalanine : 3.0 g

Aspartic Acid : 11.0 g

Proline : 5.5 g

Cystine : 2.2 g

Serine : 4.6 g

Glutamic acid : 18.1 g

Threonine : 6.7 g

Glycine : 1.4 g

Tryptophan : 1.4 g

Histidine : 1.7 g

Tyrosine : 2.6 g

Isoleucine : 6.4 g

Valine : 5.9 g

Leucine : 10.6 g

BCAAs : 22.9 g

Lysine : 9.6 g

Suitable for vegetarians.

Allergy information: See ingredients in bold.

In case of pregnancy, breast-feeding or when you’re receiving medical treatment, consult with your physician before using a nutritional supplement.


Food supplements do not replace a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. A well balanced diet provides all the nutrition you need.

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Whey Isolate Natural is exactly what its name says: a high quality 100% whey isolate without any flavouring or sweeteners. Berry de Mey Nutrition will under no circumstances put a product on the market which we think might entail risks to consumers in normal use. In composing our other protein preparations we have not deviated from that directive. Our other products contain aromas, flavours and sweeteners that the EU has extensively tested - and found safe. Our other protein supplements hardly contain carbohydrates and only a little fat despite their superior taste. Just as our customers expect of us.
And while we stand firmly behind our proteins, we do take individuals seriously who, for whichever reason, do not wish to use flavours and sweeteners. Some find that their body does not respond well to flavours, some prefer a neutral tasting product, and some use the protein shakes within their own recipe - and our flavours and aromas are only in the way. Whatever the reason, everyone has the right to determine which nutrients he or she consumes - and which not.

Berry de Mey Nutrition respects that right.

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