Information about protein

Different types of proteins.

DEMEY88 by Berry de Mey Nutrition offers various types of protein shakes in different flavours online. Protein is very important for serious athletes: protein-rich food helps your muscles recover from a heavy workout.

For whom are protein shakes suitable?

When you do intensive endurance sports or strength sports, or a combination of both; after your workout your body needs to repair the muscle tissue.

The more amino acids there are in the blood during exercise, the smaller the damage to the muscle tissue and the faster the recovery. To obtain enough protein there are various protein shakes available. These come in different types.  Maybe your dietician or personal trainer can help you with your choice.

Whey proteins

 Whey proteins are fast absorbing; Whey Isolate contains 94 to 98% isolate proteins. Twenty minutes after you take a shake, the essential amino acids are already in your blood.

Vegan protein

 The "VEGAN" protein shake Pea Protein Isolate is a high quality vegetable protein. The special thing about this shake is that it is absolutely the tastiest pea protein according our clients. Also for non vegans a great protein because price quality ratio is very good.

Casein proteins

If you choose for healthy weight loss, with fitness exercises to burn your excess fats, or just do strength training, endurance training or athletics, you can also choose for casein, which is a slow absorbing protein. After you have drunk a casein shake, the proteins come into your blood gradually and for a long time, which ensures that your muscles get the best amino acids they need for their recovery for hours.