Loyalty program

Save discount with any order

The Loyalty Points Program of Berry de Mey Nutrition makes it possible for registered customers to save for discount on your next order. With every order you place you will receive FREE-BERRY's loyalty points.

Discount of the Loyalty points program for registered customers

When you create an account with us, you will automatically save points and be able to exchange them for discount with a next order. The Loyalty Point Program is our way to thank you as a regular customer.

How can you save points?


Different ways to receive points:


*Place an order — Every time you place an order with us, you will receive points based on the price of the products. These points are added to your balance and can be viewed in your account under the Save Points menu.

    Post a review after you placed an order- After completing a review you will receive 2 loyalty points. These are added to your account after the review is visible.

    Randomly we will offer extra points for different occasions as part of a special offer. We will always notify our costumers by our newsletter.


What is the value of loyalty points?

The value of loyalty points is determined by the value in euros you spend on our site. For every Euro  (which WEG) you spend you will receive approximately  5% back in (the form WEG) loyalty points.


Redeem Loyalty Points

In the web shop you will find products that you can order and pay with your loyalty points. You can redeem loyalty points immediately with your next order. You can select the ' Use your Loyalty points ' option during the checkout of the next order. This option is in the payment options on the “View my order” page. Here you will see your current points balance. You can combine the points with all our payment methods. The Loyalty points cannot be exchanged for cash. Loyalty points can only be exchanged for products in our webshop. Loyalty points are only deducted from the subtotal. Loyalty points are not deducted from shipping costs.

NOTE: If you pay with loyalty points, you need to *calculate the shipping cost and add it to the total (*option in your shopping cart?). Shipping costs cannot be paid with points and are charged if the total amount of the order is less than €50.00

Minimum and maximum number of loyalty points

Even if you only have 1 point, you can exchange this for discount. This is equivalent to a value of approximately €1.00 (incl. VAT). The maximum amount of points to be exchanged is equal to the Points Assigned to a product.


Bonus Loyalty Points


We Regularly give extra BONUS loyalty points to our customers. This way you can save points faster, (and WEG) be able to order products paying with the saved points.


View Your Balance

You have the option in your account to view the balance of your loyalty points. Here You can see the total number of points and the corresponding value, the maximum number of points and a history of your points transactions. In The history, (each WEG) mutation information indicates exactly why (these WEG) points have been spared or exchanged.


Validity of Loyalty Points

Loyalty points remain valid and will not lose their validity. Except if the savings program ends.


Changes and Termination Savings Program

We reserve the right to make changes to the (required WEG) number of points that you receive after purchase of a product and whether a product can be purchased with points.   And for how many points a product can be purchased. 

Berry de Mey Nutrition is entitled to adapt the savings program or to terminate the savings program at any time. If the savings program stops this will be communicated via a newsletter. Saved points remain valid for a maximum of 1 month after ending the program. After this period, the saved points will expire and can no longer be redeemed for products or money.